cPanel Troubleshooter

Web front end of the tool
web front end of the form output

As a web hosting tech support agent for almost 10 years now, I have grown tired of doing a lot of repetitive tasks such as manually pulling the DNS and going to multiple websites to check SPF and various other stuff. Also got tired of custom crafting bash commands to parse logs. So I decided to build a tool that will automate the creation of pretty much every command I would encounter on a daily basis.

This tool pulls the DNS directly from the webapp and also generates a list of links for common checks you can provide to client or put in ticket notes for the next tech agent who works a ticket.

The system is fast modular and can support custom company scripts and commands. I stripped out anything custom that work uses and made a vanilla version without there scripts referenced. For example, if your company uses sudo and specific scripts to check for spamming or malware you can easily modify the install to suit your needs based on your malware scanner. It’s set up for clamscan based on the WHM built-in tool and the current firewall checks are all CSF based. Planning to add APF support in the future.

Almost all the cPanel log locations that matter are mapped to variables so you can easily craft custom strings to rapidly parse logs.

It is open source and currently on Gitlab.

If using for commercial use or would like a custom version for your company please shoot me an email mike @ hackerdise . me

To See a live version of this tool visit: