Export cPanel Mailinglist to a txt file

Special Shoutout to authors of the below post for inspiration. https://www.werockyourweb.com/how-export-cpanels-mailman-mailing-list/ Here is a nice oneliner to export a mailing list for a client lickety-split. Replace the user and maillist_email variables in the beginning to match yours.

cPanel Find Reseller domains

Have you ever wanted to find all of cPanel resellers domains easily without hassle? Then your in luck. Having had this issue and also needing to update the resellers domains SOA aka serial enmasse i have written a script to find those domains parse out the subdomains and duplicates and then increment the serials for … Read more

cPanel Troubleshooter

As a web hosting tech support agent for almost 10 years now, I have grown tired of doing a lot of repetitive tasks such as manually pulling the DNS and going to multiple websites to check SPF and various other stuff. Also got tired of custom crafting bash commands to parse logs. So I decided … Read more