How to Update PHP Timezone

In this tutorial will show how to rapidly check all PHP versions timezone and also update it to a custom value. To see the current timezone in cPanel for all PHP versions Example: This is the all in one command set to do this for cPanel. Command uses “America/Phoenix” as the timezone in the example. … Read more

Export cPanel Mailinglist to a txt file

Special Shoutout to authors of the below post for inspiration. Here is a nice oneliner to export a mailing list for a client lickety-split. Replace the user and maillist_email variables in the beginning to match yours.

Modsec Find Unique rules being triggered

In this post, we will go over how to rapidly parse an Apache Error log for unique Modsec Rules being triggered. Here is an example of Modsec rule being triggered. Sometimes you install a new plugin or update your site and you start having problems posting data and get a weird error. When this happens … Read more